I know.  I couldn’t keep up with any of my other blogs before, so why do I think I can keep up with one now?

Because it’s about one thing: sewing.  And while that one word can encompass an endless list of ideas, it will limit me to a focal point, a central theme.

Here, I will be blogging about my sewing attempts, both failed and successful, which means that you could find out about my recent go at dyeing 2 yards of fabric (I was definitely in over my head!) or an idea that’s been rolling around in my head that I finally decided to try.

In addition to that, you will find the occasional ramblings about my family and home life.

I’m a newbie at sewing, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, recommendations, feel free to let me know!  I will gladly accept them.  (:


For now, though, it is bedtime…as soon as my newly dyed fabric is done drying.

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About lilyellowbird

I am a 22-year-old stay-at-home mom (returning to school in the fall of 2011) who is choosing my family, sewing, crafting, repurposing, and general life stuff to occupy my time. Here you will find updates on the new and exciting (Zooey just got two teeth!) and different things that I am trying (dyeing fabric a nice teal blue for a circle skirt). Since Wardrobe Refashion is now closing, I will not be able to sign up and post new things on their website, but here is where I would like to publicly "take the pledge", so to speak, and rework, refashion, and otherwise make my family's clothing for the next two months. I will post photos once a week (if at all possible) of new projects, etc. Stay tuned!

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