Thur-Fri Project

Ok!  I have successfully branched out!  Yesterday I followed this tutorial for an adorable pillowcase dress for my cousin’s baby!  Then, I followed this tutorial for a super cute fabric flower for the headband!

Here come the pictures!

My fabric.

I think I have pinned one pleat, but I didn't have it quite right at first, so I had to correct it.

The dress right side out, with pleats pinned in place. I also had the armholes finished at this point.

I then pinned on my homemade bias tape (I made my bias tape out of scraps from the pillowcase).

Pause to nurse Z, and take a picture of my tremendous messiness. Seriously. I'm like a toddler.

The back of the dress, nearly finished...just need to find a button...

The front of the dress is done.

I stole this button from a jacket that I haven't worn in years...considering reworking it into a sport coat for my 1 1/2 year old nephew...

The finished full back.

The headband. Find tutorial link for the flower above.

Close-up of the flower. So easy, so fun!

Okay.  I have to go get my baby who is waking up from her nap.

Someday I will post photos of my sunshine skirt…

Happy crafting!

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About lilyellowbird

I am a 22-year-old stay-at-home mom (returning to school in the fall of 2011) who is choosing my family, sewing, crafting, repurposing, and general life stuff to occupy my time. Here you will find updates on the new and exciting (Zooey just got two teeth!) and different things that I am trying (dyeing fabric a nice teal blue for a circle skirt). Since Wardrobe Refashion is now closing, I will not be able to sign up and post new things on their website, but here is where I would like to publicly "take the pledge", so to speak, and rework, refashion, and otherwise make my family's clothing for the next two months. I will post photos once a week (if at all possible) of new projects, etc. Stay tuned!

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