New Shoes and Sunglasses.

This is what Miss Z looks like in her party dress after a long day at an outdoor mall, and two new pairs of shoes (thank you, Grandpa and Grandma!).

Ok, so it looks more like a shirt than a dress here, but still!  Isn’t it so cute?

And more importantly, isn’t SHE so cute?  Poor baby was so tired!

Also, baby got a new pair of glasses.  (:

She wouldn’t leave them on her face!

Silly girl.

Then we went to visit our cousins!  Yay!

…At which point she peed all over her party dress.  By the way, this day was unseasonably warm–80 degrees!–I wasn’t just dressing my child in summer clothes in April weather.

They were really into giving kisses.  (:

I have to go get my little booger now.  Sounds like she is waking up from her nap.  (:

Have a lovely Thursday!


The Bulls, and Brats.

Now, when I say brats, I don’t mean the kick-their-feet-on-the-floor-while-screaming-in-the-middle-of-the-grocery-store-and-make-their-mother-want-to-crawl-into-a-hole-and-die brats.

I mean the kind you eat.

Unless you’re the lady on that commercial who says that sometimes she wishes she had eaten her kids.

Does anyone else find that strange?

Anyway.  Tonight my hubsband (yes, I know I wrote hubsband.  It was purposeful.  Don’t judge.) made dinner.  And it was awesome.

While it was definitely a man-meal, I can honestly say that it tickled my taste-buds.  (It helps that I typically like man-food.)

Brats and curly fries were ready for me when I got done putting Z to bed, and I whipped up a salad so there was some color on our plates besides brown.

It was FANTASTIC.  I mean it.  I really do.  I LOVE brats.

Almost as much as I have loved getting into watching the basketball games with N (Who is my hubsband.  Sorry.  I must have forgotten to mention that earlier.) this season.  I can’t help it.  I have really become a true Bulls fan.


I just saw a crazy huge shark bite something the size of a small house in half on TV.


Ok, so like I was saying.  I have really become a true Bulls fan.

I can point out Deng, D-Rose, Noah, Boozer, and “Hot Sauce” Korver.  Which I know is not saying much, because probably all of the teeny-boppers in America can do that.

But it’s a big deal for me.

And so I’ll say this–even though the Bulls are trailing behind by 4 points tonight (which has been a rare occurrence this season), I am still enjoying eating my brats, curly fries, and salad with my hubsband as much as I would if they were winning.

Partly because it’s not a big deal if they lose this game.  They are already in first place in the lineup.

But mostly, it’s because I really enjoy the fact that N knows that I love brats, that he made them for me, and that we are watching the game together (and getting upset with the TV together).


The Details

Ok! Zooey wore her beautiful party dress yesterday, and I feel a little better about it now. It was a hit!

I used the tutorial from here (which was fabulous, by the way!), except I had to completely resize it from a 2T to a 9mos, which proved to be a bit of a challenge! But in the end, it turned out beautifully!

As well as trying out a new dress design, I also lined an article of clothing for the very first time!

I attached the thin muslin lining (after cutting it to match the rest of the dress) along the shoulder, arm hole, and diagonal chest piece.  The rest of it hung freely under the dress, so that she had some freedom of movement.

If I had more photos, I would post them.  BUT!  I was too tired to take photos of each step, for which I apologize.  Maybe for the next project I will be a little more on top of things.

Happy Weekend everyone!  I hope you enjoyed reading!


PS–Do you have any lining tips??

Zooey’s Party Dress

Well, now that it is 12:40 AM and I feel like I will wake up tomorrow with much less than enough sleep, I have finally finished Zooey’s party dress…yay!…

I’m too tired to be excited.  Sorry.  I can rally tomorrow if you like, but tonight it is just too late and I have too big of a day tomorrow to explain all the details.

First I would like to show you the finished product, so I feel better.  (:

And some close-ups…

Have I mentioned that this is my first try at lining a dress?  I think it turned out pretty well!

Also, all of the materials for this dress (including the elastic for the top) came from a dress that doesn’t exactly flatter my body type.  A friend gave it to me after going through her closet when she moved, and I made the mistake of thinking that just because it looked good on her it would also look good on me.  HA!  Silly.  (:  But still!  I loved the fabric so I just couldn’t give it away.  And I think it’s a great summer party dress!

The End!

ps–What projects are YOU working on?  (:

Bagel Saturday!

Wow! What a loooooooooong process!

Today, I made homemade bagels…from a great DIY tutorial on! It took much longer than I anticipated, though, because I have small cookie sheets, a small oven, and a small person who demands my attention. (:

All in all, though, while a bit laborious in a cramped apartment kitchen with a half oven, it was a good experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! Some will be gifted to my parents and my sister and brother-in-law, as well as a couple having been given away to my mother- and father-in-law, all in the name of constructive criticism. 🙂 The rest will stay with us for breakfasts this week! Yum!

The Latest…

…from Miss Zooey.

Laundry Time!

For some reason when I see this picture, it reminds me of “Driving Miss Daisy.”  I have no idea why.  (:

But I love my little girl.


She also has faux-alicious hair.



So that is the latest from Miss Zooey.  Stay tuned!  (: