New and Blue!

Ouch!  Who knew that fabric dye could sting your hands?  I am dyeing my boring white cotton shirting into a nice bright teal for a circle skirt and plunged my rubber-gloved-hands a little too far into the hot water; and I’m not sure if it was the hot water or the dye, but my blue-stained hands are stinging a bit, even after washing thoroughly.  Maybe it’s the load of salt that I dumped in the dye bath………hmmm……..

At any rate, I am very excited to see the end result of my fabric!  I already have a wonderful plum purple for another skirt, and the elastic and dark brown RIT dye that I will be using for the waistbands.  California, here we come!


…in August.

Hey, at least I’ll be prepared, right?

After I figure out how, I’ll post some pictures of the dyeing and sewing process, and of course, a photo of my in my new (hopefully) lovely (hopefully) skirt, twirling.  At this point, I am even considering leaving the waistband white…

See you soon!  I’m off to figure out how to work this crazy site!